How to test Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) events
How to test Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) events

How to test Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) events

How to test CAPI events?

To test CAPI events, go inside your Events Manager.

Click on Test Events and copy the Test Code.

Open the our app and add the text code in the dedicated field below the pixel ID. Scroll the page, and save. If you have a cache plugin, delete your cache. 

Start browsing your website to fire events. 

Make sure you don’t test with an excluded role. You have this option on the plugin’s main page. 

Go back to Events Manager, and you will see events reported under Testing.

You’ll start to see pairs of browser and server events, with the server events deduplicated. 

Click on the event to see its parameters or its Event ID.

Only browser events fired in the browser window where the Events Manager is open are reported under testing. If you browse your website in an incognito window or in a different browser, browser events are recorded, but not reported. In this case, you will see only the deduplicated server events.

To see active server events, install an ad blocker and browse your website. Facebook will get only the server events, so it won’t deduplicate them.

It’s possible to see warnings from time to time. Some of these warnings can be false positives. We noticed warnings related to missing travel parameters for events that have nothing to do with travel.

When you are done testing, remove the testing code from our app. 


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