How To Block Spam Events From Your Facebook Pixel 2024
How To Block Spam Events From Your Facebook Pixel 2024

How To Block Spam Events From Your Facebook Pixel 2024

How To Block Spam Events From Your Facebook Pixel

How To Block Spam Events From Your Facebook Pixel

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When you open your ad manager and there are 10 sales, then you open your app for your store, you see that there are no sales? How strange, right, for this to happen. This happens because a script calls you a “purchase script” that people activate when they enter your website, this causes the purchase to be marked in your ad manager. 

In this updated guide, we will delve into the strategies you need to know to effectively block these fake purchases in your ad manager on Facebook Ads and make sure that these metrics start to be marked more correctly. Let’s get started! 

What Are Fake Purchases (Spam Events) On Facebook Ads? 

There is a Script that triggers a purchase event in a competitor’s store, when you are mining products, there are several people who use it. When you automatically click on the Script, it will trigger a purchase event in the store, but this purchase will be fake, that is, it will only trigger on your competitor’s Pixel so that Facebook understands that you are a buyer profile, and automatically, it will start recommending you more ads that are selling. 

This is a mining format that many people use, and these Scripts are activated within this store, but there is a format for you to block these Scripts. This article will show you how to block this type of Script and how to protect yourself from this. 

How To Block Fake Purchases (Spam Events)

To deal with this, let’s use Facebook Pixel Helper. It helps you check if your Pixel is installed correctly. In other words, when you enter the store, you can see if it marks your Pixel’s events. 

How To Block Spam Events From Your Facebook Pixel

The first step is to enter your store, from your Shopify Dashboard, choose Online stores, then choose Themes. Next, choose any theme, click the 3-dot symbol, and click Edit code

How To Block Spam Events From Your Facebook Pixel

Click theme liquid, click crt F, then search for </head>.

How To Block Spam Events From Your Facebook Pixel

Then, you will need to paste this script below above the </head> section and click Save

<!-- Facebook Pixel Code -->
n= f.fbq = function(){
  if (arguments[1] === "Purchase" && typeof arguments[2].order_id === "undefined") return;
  n.callMethod ? n.callMethod.apply(n,arguments) : n.queue.push(arguments)
s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window, document,'script',
fbq('init', '{{Facebook Pixel ID}}');
<!-- End Facebook Pixel Code -->

Through this code, through this straightforward Script that you place in your store, you can prevent being given Fake Purchase (Spam Events). 

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In addition, another way to handle this error is to use the Orichi ‑ Multi Facebook Pixels application. This app will automatically help you prevent and solve the problem. 

Please don’t forget to contact us after installation. Our support team is always ready to test your store for fake sales (Spam Events) issues.

Orichi Facebook Pixel

Additionally, this app brings numerous benefits to your online business: 

Multiple Pixels Management: This app truly excels in managing multiple Facebook pixels. For businesses running multiple websites, stores, or clients’ ad accounts, Orichi makes it easy to track conversions and events across all of them. You can effortlessly switch between pixels and organize them for different projects.

Custom Event Tracking: Orichi allows for custom event tracking, which is crucial for those who want to go beyond the standard conversion tracking. You can track specific actions on your website, helping you gain a deeper understanding of user behavior and refine your ad strategies accordingly.

Accurate Reporting: The app provides accurate and detailed reporting on ad performance. With Orichi, you can easily access insights on how your ad campaigns perform across different websites, platforms, or stores. This helps in identifying which areas need improvement.

Event Deduplication: The app has a built-in event deduplication feature that ensures that a single event is counted only once, preventing discrepancies in your conversion tracking. This is essential for maintaining the integrity of your data.

We hope our tricks have provided you with practical solutions to block fake purchases (Spam Events) and secure your Facebook Ads campaigns. Contact us if you have further questions! 

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