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Mastering Business Facebook Settings for Your Business in 2024

  • Jun 24, 2024
  • Dao Ky
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Nowadays, almost all businesses have their own Facebook page, and running Facebook ads also become a part of their marketing strategy. Establishing Facebook Business Settings helps you succeed on social media and more.

This blog post will reveal every secret about Facebook business settings that scale up your business.

Introduction to Business Facebook Settings

Facebook business settings are under the control of Meta suits of business tools. It is a tool that helps you manage all the Facebook page activities and control your ads. This includes handling assets, permissions, accounts, and more.


A Detail Guidance about Facebook Business Settings

First, you must create a Facebook business manager account (or Meta business suite) to get a full view of Facebook business settings. We have you back right here; follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Preparation for Facebook Business Settings

Companies can handle all of their Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, ad accounts, product catalogs, and other business assets from one place with business tools like Meta Business Suite and Business Manager. This is possible with a business portfolio.

You need to have your own Facebook account before you start. You can make your business portfolio in Meta Business Suite or Business Manager. You’ll use it to log in. And you are permitted to create up to 2 business portfolios.

Facebook Business Settings Instructions

  • Go to https://business.facebook.com/ to create a business account. You can see the interface of this website like this. You’ll also use this address to enter Business Manager or Meta Business Suite. If you already have Meta Business Suite and Business Manager, click the dropdown menu at the top of the left navigation bar to get to those too. 
  • Then create a business portfolio and business Facebook settings. Add information about your business. Name of a business collection. Since it will show up across Meta, it should be the same as the public name of your business or group. It can’t have any special characters in it.. Email for business. Meta will get in touch with you about your business through this email. Your customers won’t be able to see it. Your portfolio will be made when you click “Submit” or “Create.” Someone will email you and ask you to confirm your work email address.

Set up and Manage Facebook Business

After making it, you can add assets like Pages, ad accounts, files, and Instagram accounts to your business portfolio.

Business portfolio management

Business Portfolio Management on Facebook Business Settings lets companies manage their business pages, ad accounts, and apps from one place. Businesses with various brands or diverse advertising demands need this feature to streamline permits, responsibilities, and assets. Business Portfolio Management helps companies standardize marketing, secure their assets with role-based access controls, and make data-driven decisions and strategic plans.


People management in Business Facebook Settings

The People Management feature lets companies easily control the roles and rights of their teams across all of their Facebook assets. Administrators can assign roles like Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, and Analyst to team members to ensure they have the right access. Businesses can oversee page updates, ad campaigns, and critical data access with People Management, improving security and efficiency. This simplified team management ensures organization-wide collaboration and accountability.


You work with other businesses, like companies or clients, as a partner. When you add partners to your business portfolio in Meta Business Manager, they will be able to see your Pages, Instagram accounts, and ad accounts.

Pages in Facebook Business Settings

Pages in the Facebook Business Settings are very important for businesses to set up and run their Facebook profile. Organizations can create, customize, and optimize Facebook pages to engage their audience with this function. Business Settings lets administrators give roles, modify page settings, and monitor performance for various pages. All pages are managed from one place, so they are all consistent. This makes it easy to use branding strategies, talk to customers, and keep track of engagement metrics.

Ad accounts

Ad Account administration lets businesses quickly develop, manage, and optimize advertising campaigns. A single platform for managing various ad accounts lets firms set up focused campaigns, regulate budgets, and track results. Administrators can safeguard and improve teamwork by assigning roles and permissions. Businesses can improve their advertising strategy, reach their target audience, and meet their marketing goals with data-driven insights and streamlined campaign administration using the Ad Account feature.

Instagram accounts

Businesses can easily integrate and manage their Instagram presence alongside their Facebook assets with the Instagram Account function in Facebook Business Settings. By allowing companies to link their Instagram account to their Facebook Page, cross-platform marketing and streamlined management are made possible. Administrators may track Instagram ad campaigns, create and manage roles and permissions, and view performance data with this tool. Businesses may achieve brand cohesion, social media simplification, and audience engagement using the Instagram Account feature.

WhatsApp accounts

The WhatsApp Account option in Facebook Business Settings enables businesses to easily link and manage their WhatsApp Business account alongside their Facebook assets. This connection allows companies to use WhatsApp for client communication, marketing, and support from the Facebook Business platform.

Meta Pixels

Putting a piece of code called a Meta Pixel on your website enables you to track the success of your advertising by seeing what actions people take on your website.

Utilizing the Meta Pixel, you can:

  • Verify that the appropriate people are seeing your adverts. Find new visitors to your website, or those who have visited a particular page or completed a desired activity.
  • Boost sales. Set up automated bidding to reach those more inclined to do something you care about, like make a purchase.
  • Analyze how well your adverts worked. Measure what happens after consumers view your advertisements to understand their effect better.

The Meta Pixel records when someone interacts with your website once configured. Putting something into their shopping cart or making a purchase are two actions. These activities, or events, are received by the pixel and are viewable on your Events Manager Meta Pixel page. Your customers’ activities will be visible to you from there. Future Meta advertising will also provide you with chances to re-engage those consumers.

Use of the Conversions API is advised if you share events with Meta using the pixel. Working with your pixel, the Conversions API enhances the measurement and performance of your Meta ad campaigns. 


Datasets in Facebook Business Settings enable businesses to upload, manage, and analyze data for better targeting and advertising. This tool helps you make custom audiences and learn more about how customers behave, improving your ad campaigns’ accuracy and performance. Employing datasets allows companies to optimize their marketing plans and make data-driven decisions.


Catalogs include information about things you intend to sell across Meta technologies. Manage your catalog with Commerce Manager. Create catalogs for products, hotels, airlines, locations, house listings, and automobiles.


Instead of many catalogs, utilize one for all your things. This improves inventory management and audience growth.

  • Add and manage titles, photos, descriptions, prices, availability, variants, and more. Build a great catalog with our tips.
  • Product sets define which items to promote.
  • Permit others or partner firms to edit your catalog.
  • Connect a Meta Pixel to your catalog to run Advantage+ catalog advertising, which leverage pixel event data to show consumers what they might like.
  • Upload nation and language information to automatically display item information and prices in your advertisements or shop.


The Meta Business Suite has free and premium tools you can connect to your business portfolio to manage and expand it.

The Facebook Business Manager lets you link ecommerce, reservation, appointment, and other Business Apps. Browse all applications or by category to find new ones. Use the search bar to find an app. Meta Business Suite and the third-party tool’s website offer these tools. You may connect Shopify with Appointments by Square.


Billing and payments

In Facebook Business Settings, Billing and Payments make it easier to handle money transactions linked to ads and services. Businesses may handle invoices, check transaction history, and set up payment options with this tool. Effective billing and payment management keeps ad campaigns running easily without problems, giving advertisers full visibility and control over their spending.

Safety and Security

Tools to safeguard company accounts and assets are available in Facebook Business Settings under Safety and Security. To provide safe access, this feature offers settings for controlling roles and permissions, enabling two-factor authentication, and creating warnings for unusual activity. Businesses can protect their data, stop unwanted entries, and keep their Facebook operations honest by prioritizing safety and security.

After all, we hope you find this blog post can help you understand and know how to scale up your business through Facebook pages and social media. Find out more about Facebook here

FAQ about Business Facebook Settings

What is Business Facebook settings?

Within Business settings, you can find the following: Users: Manage people, partners and system users. Accounts: Manage Pages, ad accounts, business asset groups, apps, Instagram accounts, commerce accounts, Meta Pixels and WhatsApp accounts.

What is the difference between your account and business account on Facebook?

You can also use your personal account to directly message friends or comment on the activity they share on their individual pages. On the other hand, your Facebook Business Page is all about your brand and the services you offer as a professional in your field

What is the benefit of a Facebook business account?

The benefits of a Facebook business page include a more robust online presence and the ability to interact on a meaningful level with current and potential customers. Over time, focusing on personalized attention for your customer base will pay off.

Is setting up a business Facebook page free?

A Facebook Page is where customers discover and engage with your business. Setting up a Page is simple and free, and it looks great on both desktop and mobile so that you can meet customers on any device.

Does Facebook have a business account setting?

You must have a personal Facebook account. You’ll use it to log into Meta Business Suite or Business Manager, where you can create your business portfolio. You are allowed to create up to 2 business portfolios.

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