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Top 5 Pixel Tracking Apps Kickstart your Shopify business in 2024

  • Jun 26, 2024
  • Dao Ky
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Running an online business today is a chance for everyone, and Shopify is the most helpful platform for starting. However, with the development of technology and helpful automatic tools, your online business become more accessible than ever. Nowadays, many owners apply Pixel Tracking tools to optimize their online store, and the results will surprise you because they generate sales and conversions correctly and very well. 

This blog post will show you the best 5 Pixel Tracking that blows your mind and improves your business. 

Understanding Pixel Tracking and Its Functionality

Before we give you the ultimate top list, you should understand why you need a Pixel Tracking tool and how it benefits your business. When setting up a Pixel Tracking tool or app on your Shopify store, it will assist you in managing, tracking, and troubleshooting your Facebook, TikTok, or Snap advertising. These Pixel Trackings are essential for ensuring your pixel is set up correctly and functioning as intended. Here’s a breakdown of what Pixel Trackings typically do:

  • Help with installation

It makes adding Facebook pixel code to your Shopify store easier by ensuring it’s appropriately placed in your site’s header or through apps made just for that purpose.

  • Management of multiple pixels

You can handle multiple social media pixels simultaneously, which helps keep track of different events or run multiple ad campaigns targeting different groups of people.

  • Following events

Sets up and customizes events you want to keep track of, like when someone sees a page or an item, adds it to their cart, makes a purchase, or something else. This makes sure you get detailed information about how users interact with your site.

  • Fixing bugs and debugging

Gives you real-time feedback and thorough reports on the status of your pixel, which helps you find and fix problems like pixels that are missing, duplicated, or have the wrong IDs.

Analytical work and reporting:

Provides in-depth analyses and reports on the data gathered by the pixel, which helps you understand how users behave, improve ad targeting, and check how well your Facebook ad campaigns are doing.

Top 5 Pixel Tracking Apps on Shopify

Now we will review top 5 pixel tracking apps that we suggest for Shopify owner

Top 1 Pixel Tracking – Orichi: TikTok Facebook Pixels

The multiple-pixel Tracking for TikTok and Facebook is at the top of this list. This application can help you avoid spam events, which are fake buy events. The TikTok Facebook Pixels combines server-side event tracking to gain insight into ad blockers and guarantee correct data collecting. From this feature, this Pixel Tracking app can link marketing data from an advertiser with Meta systems that measure and optimize ad targeting.


Some benefits of Orichi: TikTok Facebook Pixels

  • Facebook Pixel, Conversion API (CAPI) bypass iOS 14+ update and ad bans.
  • Multi Facebook Pixels with Orichi: pixel addition flexibility with precise event
  • Integrate tracking of several pixels (TikTok, Facebook).
  • Add and control several Facebook pixels for backup and specialised targeting.
  • Get Facebook Ads’ UTM attribution data in real time.

Why this Pixel Tracking is number 1

First and foremost, when you see this app on the Shopify app store, it achieved the badge “Built for Shopify” which means this Pixel Tracking works well and received many good reviews. 


Their customer services team is active quickly and always ready to support merchants 24/7, and you can see the customers’ satisfaction. And Orichi has served more than 5000 customers for this application. So, there is no more doubt about the reputation and quality of this Pixel Tracking. 


Price is another reason your store uses this Pixel Tracking. There are three price levels; most importantly, you can try it for free for up to 7 days. The price for its benefits is suitable for small businesses and online store owners. For only $14.99 and $24.99 a month, you can access unlimited functions for tracking your pixels precisely and get support from Orichi team 24/7. Don’t miss the chance to boost your business with Orichi TikTok Facebook Pixels. 


Top 2 Pixel Tracking with Facebook Pixel – TikTok Pixel 

The second helpful tool we recommend for Shopify-ers is Facebook Pixel – TikTok Pixel by infinitecommerce. You can add multiple Facebook pixels, TikTok pixels, Meta Pixels, and Google Tag Manager codes on your website with this powerful app. You can then use unlimited server-side tracking for all of your pixels. This app makes it easy to create Facebook product feeds that are updated several times an hour for both Facebook Catalog and Pinterest Feed.Also, automatically sync, update, and improve product feeds for Facebook Channel, Snapchat Ads, Pinterest Shopping, and TikTok Ads.


There are some features that you should notice when using this app

  • Add tracking on the server side for Facebook Pixels and TikTok Pixels.
  • Add more than one Facebook pixel and TikTok pixel as a backup, collection, or special tag.
  • With server side tracking (Conversion API), you can get around iOS 14+ and ad blocks.
  • Fast support from people in the US, and a team with years of experience in the DTC business.
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) and an e-commerce events data layer that are already built in.

We rate this on top 2 because you can see that the rate for this Pixel Tracking is high and trustworthy. There are over 400 good feedbacks on Shopify app store and customers find this app helpful for their business. 


Their team is also good at supporting merchants and getting some good compliments. However, some users have reported this app does not work effectively sometimes. ‘

There is a reason that we rate this on second is about the price and its limited account for tracking pixels. Here you can see their price-lists


The price for each service package is not too expensive. Therefore, it will have some bound in managing the data and accounts for online business owners. By the way, this app is good overall, and you can try it for free to get the actual experience.

Top 3 Pixel Tracking Omega Facebook Pixel Ad Report

The third place for Pixel Tracking app is Omega Facebook Pixel Ad Report by Omega. This app will set you up for professional tracking that used to be just for big brands. Here are some key features:

  • It only takes two minutes to set up Facebook Pixel, and it will automatically track all of your events. No sign-in. Not a code.
  • You can speed up the learning process with smart data from Facebook Pixel and CAPI (IOS14).
  • A real-time UTM tracking report that keeps track of every ad can help you improve ROAS.
  • An easy-to-use dashboard lets you manage master or special collections of Facebook pixels.
  • With automatic catalogs or live feed links, you can save hours of work by updating products by hand.

With this Omega Facebook Pixel Ad, you can trust its quality based on the high rate. Over 1000 5 stars rate on this app, and their team also gets a lot of praise. 


Merchants like this app because it can accurately track things, especially for Facebook ads. It’s simple to use, quick and straightforward to connect, and the screen gives you practical. People like how quickly the customer service responds and works to solve problems.


Let’s discover this app’s price and determine the best for your business. There are 3 different packages for users. However, this extension is just for Facebook, so if you focus on tracking Facebook pixels, here is for you. 


Top 4 Pixel Tracking Facebook Pixel – TikTok Pixel

We suggest Facebook Pixel – TikTok Pixel by Delta Commerce is the top 4 Pixel Tracking tool. Basically, the functions of this app are quiet the same as the 3 apps before. However, there are still some key values that you should notice about

  • Add more than one Facebook pixel and TikTok pixel as a backup, collection, or special tag.
  • API for conversion: Server-side event tracking can help you get around browser tracking restrictions.
  • Set up more than one Pixel with smart data-carrying events that happen automatically.
  • A real-time UTM tracking report that keeps track of every ad can help you improve ROAS.
  • Get smart data from Facebook, TikTok, and CAPI to speed up the learning process.

You will be surprised because all the reviews they get are 5 stars. This is strong proof of the app’s quality. 


Merchants like this app because it easily connects Facebook and TikTok pixels, giving them helpful information about their ads’ performance. People often say nice things about the help team’s great customer service. The merchants like how easy it is to set up and how the app’s features could lead to more sales.


However, this Pixel Tracking limits your accounts; the price also depends on how many accounts you connect to. Generally speaking, these prices are not too expensive, and they are really suitable and a good amount to try your best in online business. You can get a free trial and choose Facebook Pixel – TikTok Pixel if your experience is fantastic. 


Top 5 Pixel Tracking – Tixel: Multi Pixel Installer

With TiXel, you can customize your store with infinite pixels (multipixel) that you can apply to individual products or your entire catalog. 

  • Multiple, infinitely many pixels can be easily created and installed together.
  • Server-side tracking that uses the Events API will help you get accurate info.
  • Events that happen in the store are automatically triggered.
  • Put pixels to all of the store’s products or only to certain ones.
  • Find the traffic source (such as AdScale, Roposo, AdSense, GlowRoad).

This app is liked by merchants because it lets them make as many pixels as they want, which is great for testing different goods on sites like TikTok. It gets good reviews for how well it works with Shopify, how stable it is, and how it can track multiple pixels. A lot of people like how quick and helpful the customer service is. 


See what customers said about Tixel: Multi Pixel Installer


Although this software bears the “Bult for Shopify” mark and supports multi-platform tracking, its price and features are significantly limited compared to those on the list.


You can use it for free or start with $9.99 monthly, which will let you track your statistics. Sounds very attractive for a small web store. So give it a shot and choose your finest option. 

Hope this list will help boost your store’s sales and revenue. And don’t forget to share your best Pixel Tracking with us after that. 


How does Shopify pixel work?

Pixels are JavaScript code snippets that run on the online store and collect behavioral data, referred to as customer events, for marketing campaign optimization and analytics. After you’ve created your web pixel and configured it to a merchant’s shop, your pixel can load in the shop’s online store.

Can you have multiple pixels on Shopify?

Applying multiple pixels in your store allows you to target custom audiences, improve conversions, and get intelligent insights about your ads by adding multiple pixels that accurately track E-Commerce events as they occur in the store. Easily create and install various, unlimited number of pixels together.

How do you check if Facebook pixel is working on Shopify?

Go to your Facebook Events Manager (https://www.facebook.com/events_manager/) and select your Pixel. Check the “Data Sources” tab to see if your Pixel is sending events. You should be able to see events like “PageView” and “Purchase” if they are set up correctly.

Do you need a pixel on Shopify?

If there isn’t an app pixel that meets your requirements, you can use custom pixels on your store to track customer events without modifying your theme code. Custom pixels are loaded in a Lax sandbox, designed for improved security and control over the data you send to third parties.

What is pixel tracking in Shopify?

The Shopify pixels manager allows you to manage and add pixels that track customer events. Customer events are actions in the customer’s browser, for example, clicking a link or adding a product to a cart.

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