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Top 7 Common Facebook Ad Issues And How To Solve Them Effectively

  • Jul 02, 2024
  • Dao Ky
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Running a Facebook ad is one of the most effective ways to attract more customers and traffic for your business. Online businesses nowadays are more and more popular. Therefore, they found that Facebook ads are part of their strategy. If you find your advertising is underperforming, the answers almost likely exist. For the startup or beginner, you will face some Facebook ad issues when first set up. 

In this article, we will list most 7 common Facebook ad problems and how to solve them effectively. Let’s dive into this right now!

Always Tracking and Optimizing Your Facebook Ad Issues

When it comes to ads on Facebook, there are strict rules about who you can advertise to, what you can and cannot advertise, what kinds of pictures and copy you can use, and even how they can be used in live ads.

For example, ads with picture or video thumbnails and text that take up 20 or less of the media will reach the most people. Ads that say bad things about viewers may not be approved.

What if your ads don’t meet Facebook’s quality standards? They might not reach enough people or even get turned down completely. Make sure you check your email for the alerts; it’s easy to miss them.


These things can affect how much you spend on ads and how well your ads work, so you should follow them as closely as possible. Setting up automatic rules on Facebook is one way to do this. You can pause, change, or stop campaigns based on a number of steps when you make these in Ads Manager.

You could set a rule that all campaigns with ad frequencies of four or more will be immediately stopped. This way, you can ensure that the same person only sees your ad three times. Automated rules can be helpful, but they don’t always work. Setting them for all your campaigns can take a lot of time and lead to mistakes that hurt your campaigns instead of helping them. 

Top 7 Facebook Ad Issues You Should Notice

Managing Facebook ads can be difficult at times, particularly when problems emerge. Designed with beginners, especially those new to e-commerce, in mind, this article explains and solves some typical challenges.

Top 1 Facebook Ad Issues No Ad Results Are Tracked By Over Past 3 Days

This situation may indicate that your ads are not generating any clicks, conversions, or other desired actions. If your advertisements are not producing any results, it may be because of problems with tracking, inappropriate targeting, or ineffective creatives for your advertisements.

Solutions: To solve this problem, here are 3 way you should detect and improve your ads.

  • Check that your Facebook Pixel has been installed and functioning on your website. Check to see that events such as “Add to Cart” and “Purchase” are being registered appropriately.
  • Ensure that you are targeting the appropriate audience if you want to refine your targeting. Your audience should be narrowed down based on the demographics, hobbies, and behaviors that are similar to those of your target customers.
  • Update the visuals and language of your advertisement so that it is more interesting to your audience and relevant to their needs. Experiment with various innovative approaches to determine which ones resonate the most.

Top 2 Facebook Ad Issues Ads Reached Fewer Than 1,000 People the Day Before

A first set up for running the Facebook ad is to reach 1,000 users. When having these Facebook ad issues, this means your ads work ineffectively. Maybe you target the wrong audience or too narrow the location, and customers’ behaviors,..  This also can be your low bid amount per 1,000 users.

So to address this problem, we suggest some of the following ways

  • Widen your focusing criteria to appeal to more people. Think about looking for new possible clients using lookalike audiences.
  • Make sure your bids are competitive enough to land advertising spaces. If you currently use manual bidding, try automatically bidding.
  • To prevent ad tiredness and keep your ad images and wording current, change them. And add fresh ad layouts and messaging.

Top 3 Facebook Ad Issues CPR Rose In The Past Week

Cost Per Result (CPR) goes up when you pay more for each action you want, like a buy or sign-up than before. This could be due to increased competition, ad fatigue, or lower ad relevance.

What to do to improve this Facebook ad issues:

  • Change your bid amounts or switch to automatic bidding if you’re bidding by hand. This will help you stay competitive without spending too much.
  • Make your ad creatives often to keep them fresh and valuable for your audience. Use exciting images and writing that speaks directly to what your audience wants.
  • Focus on to a more specific group of people more likely to buy. Based on your best customers, use groups that look like them.
  • Pay attention to what your competitors are doing and how the business changes. To stay ahead of the race, change your plan.

Repeated Ads Too Often

High ad frequency means the same users see your ads too often, leading to ad fatigue and reduced engagement. This may lead to bad customer experience and potential customers may feel annoyed when seeing the same ads too frequently. Actually, this can raise your metrics. However, you may waste your money and not know which one is the most helpful for your campaigns if users just can see only 1 ad repeatedly. 

What we offer here are 

  • Regularly update your ad visuals, copy, and formats to keep them fresh and engaging.
  • Limit the number of times the same person sees your ad to prevent ad fatigue. This can be done in the ad set settings.
  • Broaden your audience to reach new potential customers and reduce the frequency for individual users.

Your Daily Budget Was Under 70%

If you set a daily budget, you can make the most of your total ad spend and reach as many people as possible during your promotion.

But it’s easier to see when you’re spending too much than when you’re not, so you might not notice that your ads are not hitting their daily limits. You should spend at least 70% of your daily budget on ads to get the most out of them. 

There are 3 common reasons and methods for this Facebook ad issues. First, you might not get the right bill because of a limit on new payment methods. If Facebook only charges you for every $20 to $30 you spend, the small bills could stop your ads from running normally. If this is the case, return to your old way of payment if you can. 

Second, you’ve spent all the money in your account. You will get a message from Facebook when you reach this limit, but you might miss it, so keep an eye on your emails and alerts.

Third, one of your ad relevancy diagnostics measures falls below average. This can cover your engagement rate rating, conversion rate ranking, or quality ranking—previously known as your Facebook relevance score. Facebook uses all of these indicators to guide its prioritizing of the adverts.

CTR Dropped in The Past Week

It’s better for your strategy if your ad has a high CTR. You can improve your ads’ click-through rate (CTR) to get more traffic. In addition, this metric is a good way to see your audience’s interest in the deal. If your CTR drops sharply, it’s clear that you need to fix your ads. 

We suggest you some ways to fix this. 

  • The first step is to experiment with different creatives and images to captivate users. It would also be beneficial to review the Quality ranking and Engagement rate ranking metrics – Facebook will assist you in determining the quality and relevancy of your creatives.
  • Sometimes your ideas are good, but you show them to the wrong people. To achieve greater outcomes, consider expanding or totally changing your audience.
  • Begin with the simple things: enable Expand targeting, add more places, attempt to specify a country rather than a city, or eliminate some values (demography, interests, etc.).
  • Another alternative is to use Facebook remarketing to target advertising to previous visitors to your website.
  • If these efforts do not seem to be effective, return to the research phase and try to redefine your target audience.

Users may have bad experiences and businesses may face problems like site abandonment and failed business objectives due to slow page loading speeds. If your ads contain a link, ensure it loads quickly because people hate waiting. 

  • Accelerate your landing page’s loading time by ensuring it loads relatively rapidly. To locate and resolve problems, you can use tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights.
  •  Ensure that your landing page is user-friendly, optimized for mobile devices, and corresponds to the promise made by the advertisement.
  • Ensure that the content of your landing page and the information in your ads are consistent. Users should find what they are looking for when they click on the advertisement.

Here are the list the your business may face when running Facebook ad. We hope this information will help you understand and know how to solve these problems. If you need some extension to tracking pixels and following customers journey. Try our Orichi TikTok Facebook Pixels and you will be surprised by its amazing results. 

FAQ Facebook Ad Issues

Why are my Facebook ads not working?

There are a number of ways this could be happening: The targeting parameters you’ve chosen simply don’t have enough users in them. You’re excluding nearly all of your audience in an effort to be efficient. Your customer upload list didn’t match as many people as you had hoped. Check this content to understand all about Facebook ad campaign and more.

Why does my Facebook ad keep failing?

There are a number of reasons why people might not be clicking: you may be targeting the wrong audience, and/or it could be a case of ad copy that’s uninteresting, confusing or scammy, or boring, weird or unclear ad images. A lot of the way Facebook charges you is tied up with the click-through rate.

Why is my Facebook ad not delivering?

Your Facebook ad is not delivering because it hasn’t been approved or because your settings are too restrictive. Another reason why your ad might not be delivering is that your bid cap is too low. Other times, poor scheduling and limited budgets can keep your ads inactive.

How long should a Facebook ad last?

It’s hard for you and Facebook to learn from an ad campaign that lasts less than two weeks because of the data it collects. If you cut this time too short, Facebook won’t be able to show you what’s working and what’s not in the ad.

Why are Facebook ads not performing?

Facebook needs at least 1,000 people in a certain group to be able to target ads. Your ads might not work if the people you’re targeting don’t exist or if the number of people on your customer list is different from what you thought it would be.

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