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Top 5 Best Ecommerce Platform To Make A Million In 2024

  • Jul 03, 2024
  • Dao Ky
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The development of Internet and the way people shopping are changing everyday. Online shopping is one of the good sale chanel to create a million dollar. So why you not start to run your online business today? In this post, we will show you the 5 best eCommerce platforms to start your journey easily and smooth like butter!

Best Ecommerce Platform in 2024

Nowadays, selling online is becoming a part of many business and companies. Because, as your witness, you can see the world and people are changing their buying habits. They tend to shopping online a lot and almost everything you can find and buy easily on ecommerce platforms. They are increasingly popular and play an important role in marketing and selling strategy. Therefore, even you are a start-up or an old business owner, you should set up and choose your own best ecommerce platform as soon as possible. This is the time for you and this post will help you define which one is right for you and your online store. 

Top 5 Best Ecommerce Platform For Your Online Store

We suggest you to top 5 best ecommerce platform are trending and used most by online owners. Each platform has their own pros and cons, also the difference in the price and interface. However, they work well for selling activitieies,  and can bring the good revenue for you. 

Top 1 Best Ecommerce Platform – Shopify

The biggest e-commerce platform available is Shopify. Features to manage all facets of retail—from website design to speedy shipping—its self-hosted software allows you sell everywhere your customers are.

From one back office, Shopify retailers have a whole picture of operations. You may concentrate on improving your online business, increase your reach by selling on social media, or try out well-known sales techniques as dropshipping.

As your brand expands, Shopify will enhance your selling power. While Shopify POS makes it easy to service clients in person and sync orders back to your dashboard, Shopify has the best-converting checkout on the internet. 

Shopify also offers trying just from $1 then you just need to pay $29/month annually

– Many themes for beginners easy to use and set up
– Integration with social mediaHave mobile appHave many extensions for optimize
– SEO limitation, features are less advanced
– Payment errors and transaction fees
– Cannot customize by your choices

Top 2 Best Ecommerce Platform – WordPress

WordPress is also one of the most recommended e-commerce platforms. As many people known this is the best for SEO and SERP on Google. Therefore, your online store can increase the appearance rate for potential customers. 

To create a WordPress website, you need to buy domain, hosting and customization theme. However, these amount can buy like a bundle, for each moth or yearly. So this total amount will be from $46 a year. Really beneficial for a start-up with many functions. 

– Extensive plugins and themes allow for deep customization.
– WordPress and WooCommerce are free, reducing initial costs.
– Advanced SEO capabilities and plugins.
– Suitable for all types of websites, not just e-commerce.
– Requires some technical knowledge to manage.
– Regular updates and security management are needed.
– Free core but additional costs for premium themes and plugins.
– Requires separate hosting, adding to the complexity and cost.

Top 3 Best Ecommerce Platform – Wix

Web hosting, domain registration, and a drag-and-drop website builder are all part of Wix’s package. You may create a simple website without spending a dime, but if you want to sell anything, you’ll have to pay for a premium plan.

Wix allows online store owners to take payments, monitor shipments, and manage orders from various sources.

Many product-based enterprises, however, find that Wix is missing key capabilities. Not only that but other essential tools for managing inventory are absent, such as built-in low-stock warnings. Utilizing third-party apps is your only option for accessing these capabilities and enabling social media sales. 

As you can see here is the price list for Wix premium, you can choose which plan is the most suitable for you. 

– Easy to use with no coding required.
– Competitive pricing plans for small businesses.
– Simplifies the process of building and managing an online store.
– Includes hosting, domain registration, and design tools.
– It is not as robust as specialized e-commerce platforms.
– May not be suitable for large businesses with extensive needs.
– Basic SEO capabilities compared to more advanced platforms.
– Limited in terms of backend customization and advanced functionality.

Top 4 Best Ecommerce Platform – BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an ideal solution for businesses that are trying to expand their sales across different channels because it is a sophisticated and scalable e-commerce platform that comes with a variety of built-in features and comprehensive support.

– Support 24/7
– Integrates seamlessly with various marketplaces (like Amazon and eBay) and social media platforms (like Facebook and Instagram), allowing you to sell across multiple channels easily.
– Suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.
– Easy to use, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise.
– Free themes are limited
– Pricing is quiet high compared to the others
– SEO not good as WordPress

Top 5 Best Ecommerce Platform – Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Made for developers, Adobe Commerce is a non-hosted e-commerce tool. For companies looking for a customized website, it provides flexibility; yet, users probably will require an in-house developer to keep their website running and maximize the platform.

The price for Adobe Commerce is customized and just be known when you use them. 

– Comprehensive features and capabilities for large businesses.
– Flexible platform with extensive customization options.
– Handles large product catalogs and high traffic volumes effectively.
– Built-in SEO tools and features.
– Requires significant technical expertise to set up and manage.
– Higher cost, especially for the Enterprise edition.
– Requires powerful hosting and more resources.
– Frequent updates and security patches needed.

FAQ about Best Ecommerce Platform

What is an eCommerce platform and why should businesses use it?

An ecommerce platform is the content management system (CMS) and commerce engine websites use to manage catalogued products, register purchases and manage a users relationship with an online retailer. It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, B2B or B2C, selling tangible goods or providing remote services.

What are the factors you need to consider in choosing an eCommerce platform?

Some factors to consider when choosing an e-commerce platform
– Budget. 
– Ease of use.
– Customization and flexibility. 
– Scalability. 
– SEO. 
– Security. 
– Integration with other software. 
– Customer support.

Which eCommerce platform is most used?

Shopify is the leading platform for ecommerce. Its self-hosted software helps you sell everywhere your customers are, with features to handle all aspects of retail—from website design to fast shipping.

Do you need an ecommerce platform?

As soon as you decide to sell anything online, you will need an eCommerce website. By selling online we mean a place where customers can view, sort, and purchase products. The entire process of selling happens online.

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