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Shopify Bundle Will Boost Your Online Store With More Sales

  • Jul 08, 2024
  • Dao Ky
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Customers love sales and good deals; if you are running a Shopify store, you need to check this. The Shopify bundle is one of the most effective strategies for attracting customers and increasing sales.

This blog post will show you the basics of Shopify product bundling, its importance, how to do it step-by-step, the best way, and the best Shopify bundle app.

What is the Shopify Bundle 

Shops use Shopify bundles to group together several items and sell them as a single unit, generally at a lower price or with a gift. This can also be considered a price strategy and a way to market products.

Some common examples that you will see are when they assemble personal care items like body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, deodorant, and so on.

Some Benefits of Shopify Bundle

As we have mentioned, the Shopify bundle is beneficial for online stores in increasing sales. Bundling products can offer a number of advantages.

  • Increase the average value of the order

Bundling your products allows you to sell more to a consumer, increasing your Average Order Value (AOV). A higher AOV may boost your Return on Investment (ROI) and accelerate your business growth.

  • Delivering value to clients in the form of customizable choices

When bundling your products, you are hit the customer’s emotion that they can choose and receive more than their payments. This will help your store keep customer loyalty and increase the brand name.

  • Discounts should be passed on to customers

The product bundle will help the store and also customers feel satisfied because of the profits for both of them. While customers have the choices, and sellers have sales. And bundling willingly offers some good deals. 

  • Solved all of the previous stock

Some products have seasonal time or they still remain in warehouses for too long. Offering bundle discount will solve this problem.

  • Boost up the visibility of the product

When customers interested in your product bundles, this means sales rate increasing. Then the Shopify system will define and understand that your store and products are good and have more trusts. They will distribute more appearance in SEO and SERP to your potential customers. 

Types of Shopify Bundle

We will suggest you some different types of Shopify bundle and take an example for you to understand easily and have your own decisions in bundling products.

  • Authentic bundles

This refers to a collection of products that cannot be bought separately but rather only in a bundle.

Be sure that the products included in the bundle are either necessities or appealing enough for clients to purchase them in the bundle offer, as this strategy restricts the choices given to buyers.

  • Upsell packages

Customers are provided supplementary products or extras in addition to the main offering in cross-sell bundling. Including a phone case and headphones in the price of a phone is a basic example of this strategy in action.

  • Commonly purchased in pairs

These product bundles, as the name implies, consist of items that clients are provided in sets that they have previously purchased together or are likely to purchase together given the nature of your products.

This kind of bundle often to be used in Fashion, Cosmetics and Beauty. 

  • Variety of bundles

You can buy the various components of a mixed bundle, which include a variety of products, separately. Customers can save money compared to buying the products separately by purchasing a mixed bundle with a discount.

  • Buy one – Get one

One of the most common forms of product bundling is the “buy one, get one” (BOGO) promotion. Consumers adore deals when they can acquire two products at once—often at a steep discount, sometimes for free.

Such buy-one-get-one deals are often advertised by clothing brands. For instance, you can get a free pair of socks when you buy two pairs of t-shirts, shoes, etc,..

So here are all 5 types of combo bundle discounts; there are also some ways depending on your strategy and the products or events your store is going to publish. 

How to make your Shopify Bundle more attractive 

In this part, we will provide a detailed way to create your Shopify bundle with strategy, tool, and step-by-step sample. Let’s dive into and follow the instructions.

Strategy for Shopify Bundle Discount 

Product bundling increases sales and revenue. However, you must apply the correct methods for your business and audience.

These tips will improve your Shopify product bundling strategy:

1. Strategize Bundling

Each store may need a customized strategy based on its target audience and items. Product bundling requires planning and strategy.

Here are some key planning and strategy considerations:

  • Target your audience: To design a sellable package offer, you must understand your audience. Find out what your audience wants. To see what sells well, examine competitors who have a comparable audience.
  • List your products: List the products, their types, classifications, and prices. This is crucial to improving bundling ideas if your store sells multiple products.
  • Be data-driven: Examine your customers’ buying habits and statistics. They buy what things together regularly? Data analysis can reveal chances to bundle your consumers’ existing purchases.
  • Find suitable goods: After collecting the list and statistics, determine which products would make a customer-friendly package.

2. Make an Interesting Bundle offer

This is crucial to your bundling offer’s success. Here, you can decide what kind of offer or discount to give.

Make sure the deal appeals to clients, but also ensure you have enough margin to keep offering it. You can study effective product packaging tactics and come up with new suggestions.

Most of the customers favor “BOGO free” promotions. A study indicated that using “gift” instead of “bundle” can reduce product returns.

3. Design Your Store for Bundles

Making a good package offer isn’t enough. You must display the offer to customers.

  • Homepage: What better place to promote your product bundle offer than your homepage? It can even be your homepage’s hero image.
  • Announcement Bar: Write a brief, compelling message about your product bundle offer and link to the product or landing page.
  • Pop-up: Pop-ups can promote product bundles too. In the pop-up window, include a product image, give benefits, and a clear CTA button.

4. Make a Great Landing Page

Landing pages are separate websites where users land after clicking on ads or promotional links. This page promotes a product or service and increases conversions if appropriately used.

Create a landing page for your bundle offer and list its benefits and features. This article may also help you create a striking Shopify landing page.

5. Promote your bundle through Email and Social

Create a campaign based on your target audience and send tailored emails, social channels  to some of your consumers. 

Your marketing campaign subject line should entice your consumer to open it, yet click-baiting might backfire.

6. Use Strong Copywriting

You should emphasize the benefits of your bundle and how customers can receive when they purchase the deal. Here are some suggestions for your content to make them more attractive and reach the right audience

  • Why should a customer buy your package and spend more than one product?
  • Benefits and features of your bundle product?
  • Your website or product content should quickly and efficiently answer these questions to get buyers to click “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now.”

Create with Orichi – Combo Bundle Discount

If you have struggled with choosing which products to buy and determining the price for your bundle, we have you back. Check this Combo Bundle Discount from the Orichi team, this tool will solve every problem automatically. 


This tool allows you to create quantity break options and bundles for your products, allowing you to provide volume discounts or combine regularly purchased products into bundles of things for your customers. Customers will have a seamless buying experience because to our app’s discount and bundle bear features. Our bundle app is designed to be as easy as possible, allowing you to set up in a nutshell while still being able to tweak as much as you want to match your store.

  • Apply and exclude quick bundle discounts for any collection, product, or tag.
  • Combine products into combos or bundles that are usually purchased together.
  • Display and move the discount kit anywhere on the product page.
  • Unlimited customization for the bundle kit.
  • To boost your average order value (AOV), apply the bundle builder to all of your products.

FAQ about Shopify Bundle

What is a bundle in Shopify?

A bundle is a set of two or more related products, commonly offered at a discount. You can sell bundles through your Online Store and the Shop channel. 

How to create a Shopify bundle

To create product bundles in your store, you must have a bundles app installed. There are a lot of bundle combo apps available on Shopify app store.

How do bundles increase sales?

Bundling similar products can improve your conversion rate by offering shoppers more options and more value. Instead of buying individual products, customers are served a group of products that address their unique needs at that given moment in time.

How is price affected by bundling?

Price bundling or product bundling pricing is a pricing strategy where two or more complementary products are sold together for a price that’s lower than what the products would have cost individually. The discounted price motivates consumers to buy the bundle because it’s a better deal than buying them separately.

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