Facebook Pixel is not paired with any product catalog

The following error message is normal in Facebook Pixel Helper, if you don't have a product catalog set up on Facebook. All other features of the pixels will work fine.

Facebook Pixel is not paired with any product catalog.

Facebook Pixel is not paired with any product catalog.

---> How to resolve this problem?

1. You need to add the problem from the Shopify to the Catalog on the Facebook.

The bellow show for you 3 ways to add the item to the Catalog.

A catalog is a container that holds all the items you want to advertise or sell on Facebook and Instagram. You'll find your catalog under the Catalog tab in Commerce Manager. You can choose from several different ways to add your items.

After you add items, you can view them in your catalog's Items tab and see the methods you used in the Data Sources tab. You'll need to continue managing items in your catalog the same way you added them.

Add items in Commerce Manager

There are three main ways to add items to your catalog in Commerce Manager:

  • Manual: Add items using a manual form in Commerce Manager.
  • Data feed: Upload a spreadsheet file to add items in bulk. You can upload a file once or set up scheduled uploads to happen on a regular basis. We support CSV, TSV and XML (RSS/ATOM) formats as well as Google Sheets.
  • Facebook pixel: Import and update items automatically from your website. This method is more complex to set up. You may need help from a developer to install microdata tags on your website.

The best method depends on several factors, including how many items you have, the type of items you sell and how frequently your item information changes. Compare methods below:

Manual Data Feed Pixel
Inventory Size Small and doesn't change often Medium to large or changes often Medium to large or changes often
Inventory Type Products, Flights, Hotels, Destinations, Vehicles All inventory types Products only
What You Need Item details and images
  • Data feed file with correct specifications
  • File hosting site (optional)
  • Pixel installed
  • Microdata tags on product pages
  • Recent website activity
  • Effort to Set Up Low Medium High
    Effort to Manage High: Update items manually Medium: Update spreadsheet file as needed Low: Pixel updates products automatically
    Recommended If... Your inventory is small and doesn't change often
  • Your inventory is large or changes often
  • You want to set up scheduled uploads hourly, daily or weekly
  • Your inventory is large or changes often
  • You already have a pixel installed
  • Import items from a partner platform

    If you host your inventory on a partner platform that has an integration with Facebook, you can import your items from a partner platform. You can then continue to manage your inventory on your partner platform and it will sync automatically with Facebook.

    Add items with the Catalog Batch API

    Our app will release this feature on the September. 

    Please contact with us to trial this feature: orichi247@gmail.com

    Email: orichi247@gmail.com

    Facebook Pixel App (The best solution for IOS 14 update): https://apps.shopify.com/yuri-facebook-multi-pixels

    Website: https://orichi.info 

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