When updating IOS, which Facebook Pixel event should be used ?

  1. What is an event?

Events are actions that take place on your website. Standard events  are events predefined by Facebook and can be used for conversion recording, conversion optimization, and audience building. Let see  the list of standard events below for the Facebook pixel .

  1. Facebook Pixel event on website.

Action on the website


Add a payment information

The act of adding a customer's payment information during checkout. 

Add to cart

The act of adding an item to a cart or basket. 

Add to wish list

The act of adding an item to a wish list.


This is the default pixel visited by the tracking page.For example, a person visits pages on your website.

Complete registration

The fact that customers submit information to use the services provided by your business. For example, sign up to receive information via email.

Initiate checkout

The action initiates the checkout process.


When the registration process is completed.For example ,a person clicks on the price item.


The act of completing a purchase, usually represented by the receipt of an order/purchase confirmation or transaction receipt. 


The act of searching on your website, app or other property. For example, product or travel search.

View Content

The act of visiting a website you are interested in. For example, a landing page or a product page. The View Content event tells you if someone visits the website's URL, but doesn't tell you what they do or see on the site.

3.Which event should you use for your website with the iOS 14 update?

Apple just announced a number of changes with iOS 14 that affect how we receive and handle transition events from the. Businesses that advertise mobile apps or optimize, target and report website conversion events from any business engine will be affected.

IOS 14 only allows Facebook to “ track” 8 events. Divided into 2 categories of iOS users:

    • Opt-In Users (Users allow  Facebook track) – Can track: Purchase, Add a payment information , Initiate checkout, Add to cart, View content, Up to 8 events.
    • And Opt-Out Users (Users do not allow Facebook track) . 


which Facebook Pixel event should be used?

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