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Let’s Team Up and Create Magic Together!

Let’s Team Up and Create Magic Together!

Let’s Team Up and Create Magic Together!

Hey there, fellow champions of e-commerce success! Are you ready to kick it up a notch and make a real impact in the world of online business? Awesome, because we’re on the lookout for partners who share our passion and are ready to turn the e-commerce game on its head.

Meet Our Cool Apps
Guess what? We’re the masterminds behind seriously cool Shopify apps. These bad boys are here to supercharge merchants’ stores and take their businesses to new heights.

  • Orichi ‑ Multi Facebook Pixels: Imagine merchants tracking visitor moves and sending those insights straight to Facebook. It’s like a secret recipe for tailored marketing that speaks directly to the right audience.
  • Orichi ‑ Quantity Breaks: Merchants, listen up! This little gem is all about crafting irresistible discount campaigns that light up the sales charts. It’s like a backstage pass to skyrocketing customer engagement and boosting those bottom lines.
  • Orichi – Combo Bundle Discount: Welcome to easy set-up combo discount. Our app lets you create quantity break options and bundles for your products, so you can provide volume discounts or combine products frequently bought into bundles of items to your customer.

Our Awesome Partners

We’re proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the brightest minds in the e-commerce universe. Meet our incredible partners who are already spreading the magic:

Why Rock with Us?

Becoming our partner isn’t just a high-five; it’s a ticket to a rollercoaster of awesomeness. When you jump aboard, you’re getting more than just a seat – you’re getting a front-row pass to benefits that’ll leave you and your clients grinning from ear to ear.

  • Unleash Growth Together: We’re all about that power of partnership. When we team up, the results are out of this world. Join forces with us, and let’s take both our solutions to the next level.
  • Spread Your Wings: We’ve got a tribe of devoted users, and they’re ready to meet you. Partnering with us means your brilliance gets introduced to new audiences, and that’s pretty darn exciting.
  • Dazzle ‘Em with Co-Marketing: Ready to blow some minds? Let’s cook up marketing magic that’s pure genius. Together, we’ll make waves and attract even more starry-eyed clients.

Join the Cool Crew

At Orichi, we’re all about creating a partnership that’s more than just business – it’s a celebration of coolness, innovation, and making dreams come true. If you’re ready to dive into a world where friendly vibes and killer results collide, we’re waiting for you.

Let’s Connect

Ready to write the next chapter of e-commerce history? Drop us a line and let’s start this epic journey. The future is bright, and with our powers combined, there’s no telling what we can achieve.


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