Facebook Pixels Conversion API

Facebook Pixels Conversion API

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Facebook Multi Pixels - Conversion API can help to solve the IOS problem.

Facebook Multi Pixels - Conversion API will update your current pixel (Don't need to set up a new one) and set up Facebook Conversion API to track all general events on iOS 14 update and future versions of iOS and Mac OS. So if you set up Conversion API tracking from your website, you still be able to receive all pixel events and run conversion optimization ads.

We wanted to make sure that our app is very affordable and easy to use for first-time Shopify store owners, so they don't spend too much time and money on their apps. This gives sellers a better chance to successfully make more money selling their products online.

What are the notable features of Facebook Multi Pixels - Conversion API?

  1. Easy & fast install
  2. No coding required
  3. Server-Side Events Tracking
  4. All Events Tracking with Server(PageView, ViewContent, Add to Cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, Custom Event)
  5. Deduplication so there is no redundancy between Pixel & Server events
  6. Fixed Unique Event ID Issues
  7. Fixed Invalid Value Parameter, Missing Value Parameter or Missing Currency Parameter
  8. Fixed Server External ID Not Matching
  9. Fixed Same Event ID Received for Many Event Instances
  10. Better Event Match Quality For Creating Custom Audience Facebook Product Catalog Create catalogs that automatically sync with event data on a daily basis and use them for Facebook retargeting ads (DPA)

Server-Side Events(Facebook Conversion API)

Facebook Multi Pixels - Conversion API implements the Facebook Conversion API which sends Facebook pixel events through the server to the server and keeps the original browser-side events as well. Events deduplication included and handled by Facebook.


Please contact our team to assist you with any concerns. (Our email is orichi247@gmail.com)