3 Reasons Why Apps Are Better – Facebook Pixels Conversion API
3 Reasons Why Apps Are Better – Facebook Pixels Conversion API

3 Reasons Why Apps Are Better – Facebook Pixels Conversion API

Let’s start by asking an important question– May we know what the difference would be in using your app competitor app?

  1. Increased accuracy – The Conversion API sends data directly from your server to Facebook, bypassing the need for a Pixel in the user’s browser. This results in more accurate data tracking and reduces the likelihood of data loss due to ad blockers or other technical issues. We make sure to send all data from your site to the Facebook server (never miss any event).
  2. Better privacy – With the Conversion API, you can choose which data to send to Facebook and how it is shared. This gives you greater control over user data and can help you comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.
  3. Improved performance – By reducing the amount of data sent from the user’s browser, the Conversion API can improve your website’s performance and loading speed. This can lead to a better user experience and higher conversion rates.
  4. Easy to use – our app is easy to set up, with no need for a Facebook login. Always update Facebook API within 24 hours (if Facebook API has any update) and support integration with the client theme to make sure that all events work correctly on the site.

To use the Conversion API, you will need to work with a developer to set up the necessary server-side code. Once implemented, you can track conversions just like with the traditional Pixel code. Consider using the Conversion API to take advantage of its benefits and improve your Facebook ad performance.

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